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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is CDXZipStream™?
  1. CDXZipStream installs as an add-in for Microsoft Excel. It's a complete tool for zip code, address and route analysis in Microsoft Excel. Using custom Excel formulas, CDXZipStream can calculate distances between addresses (both straight-line and driving distance), look-up zipcodes, provide radius reports with advanced demographics, optimize routes and much, much more.   

    You can try CDXZipStream before you buy by downloading our full featured free 30-day No-Risk Trial.

CDXZipStream Demo 

Q. How does the CDXZipStream™ interface work?

  1. You can use CDXZipStream through the toolbar, by right-clicking on any cell, or embedding formulas in Excel directly. To get started, position the cellpointer on a list of Zip Codes. Then click the CDXZipStream™ button located on the toolbar which displays the following:

    Just input your requirements - data feed selection, the starting cell address of your index list (such as five digit zip codes) and data variables to import - then click on “Get Data”. CDXZipStream™ does the rest. You can select data items using the buttons to transfer field names between each list. Any changes made to CDXZipStream™ settings are saved for future use.

    The CDXZipStream™ toolbar loads automatically in Excel so you can continue to easily access the interface and other functions directly from your spreadsheet. In Excel 2007 and later, the CDXZipStream toolbar is located under the "Add-ins" menu, with earlier versions of Excel it loads directly.

Q. What do you mean by the term "index"?

  1. CDXZipStream™ uses a single unique identifier to refer to a specific data item. Using the Zip code feeds, enter the 5 digit zip code. For state data use the two character abbreviation and for area codes use the 3 digit numerical value. In the case of CBSA data the index is the 5 digit numeric code. Enter all the indices you wish to retrieve in either rows or columns in your spreadsheet and then run CDXZipStream to retrieve the associated data. If your zip code starts with a zero enter start your entry in Excel with an apostrophe "'" to treat the value as a string.

Q. How does CDXZipStream™ link directly to a data source?

  1. CDXZipStream™ links directly to the data by inserting “Custom Functions” in Microsoft Excel wherever you need data. Custom functions work like Excel formulas and provide a dynamic link to the source of data so that data is automatically refreshed when changes are made. They eliminate the need to repeatedly run CDXZipStream™ settings or manually refresh the data. Just change a zip code or other index manually and the function will update automatically. Should your spreadsheet not update immediately, force a global recalculation in Excel by pressing CTL-ALT-F9.

Q. Can I create a map of an entire Zip Code?

  1. You can insert zip code, location and route maps using Bing or Mappoint. You can also link to zip code maps on MapQuest and Google. Some examples of these maps are shown on the CDXZipStream home page.

    CDXLocateBing and CDXRouteBing both have a feature allowing you to insert maps in Excel. The CDXLocateBing Function can also map up to 18 separate locations in a single chart, Up to 25 points on a chart can be handled by CDXRouteBing.

    To insert a MapPoint Map, choose a right-click function such as CDXRadius and enter the target zip code. For a radius map, specify the radius distance and select radius map as the output. By specifying a driving time, you can also use CDXRadius to create a drive time map, which delineates the area within the specified time around the target zip. Both the CDXLocateMP and CDXRouteMP functions support map insertion in Excel in a similar way. To see these features in action, please see our video Map It in Excel.

    To link to online zip code maps, simply right-click on a cell and then choose the "Insert CDXZipCode Data" function. Enter the zip code you wish to map and then click on either the "Map-Google" or "Map-MapQuest" data items in the list. This will insert a hyperlink in the selected cell to generate a map of this zip code in your default browser. You can quickly generate URLs by creating a zip code list, using the CDXZipStream button in the toolbar and specifying map items as part of your data request.

Q. How does the CDXDistance function which calculates the distance between two zip codes work?

  1. You can enter a formula directly in an Excel worksheet using the format CDXDistance(ZipCode1, ZipCode2) to calculate the straight-line distance between two zip codes. (By purchasing our Canadian postal code database, you can also use CDXDistance for locations in Canada.) Enter the actual zip codes or a reference to the cell where the zipcode is located. If you use a cell reference you can then copy this formula to an entire list of requests.  Zip codes with leading zeroes should be entered as text, by formatting the cell or entering an apostrophe before the zip code.  An easier way is to simply right click on a cell and select the "CDXZipStream option followed by "Insert CDXDistance Function". Then simply enter the required data in the dialog shown below and the formula will automatically be inserted in the selected cell.

    Please note that you can also calculate actual driving distance, cost and time between zip codes or addresses with CDXRouteBing or CDXRouteMP function that works with Microsoft MapPoint.

Q. What data does CDXZipStream™ provide?

  1. For a listing of the data items CDXZipStream can provide please see the following article: CDXZipStream Data Fields and Definitions. You can also download a spreadsheet named DataExamples.xls which illustrates the data feeds and functions available.

Q. What data is available from Census 2010?

  1. CDXZipStream contains two data feeds that offer Census 2010 data by zip code. The Premium Zip Code data feed contains selected fields covering population, median age, average household size, and race, and is available in the Demographics, Premium, and Premium ACS versions of CDXZipStream. The Census2010 data feed provides all Census fields covered in the Premium Zip Code feed plus more detailed age and housing information, for a total of 115 data fields; it is available only with the Premium and Premium ACS versions. For a complete listing of all data fields in these feeds please download the Excel file CDXZipStream Data Feeds and Definitions.

Q. I'd like to verify the zip codes for a mailing list of cities and states in Excel. How does CDXZipStream™ perform reverse Zip Code look-up.

  1. Simply use the CDXFindZip function. In an adjacent column to the first item in your list enter the formula CDXFindZip(City, State) where both city and state reference the cells where the data resides. Then copy this formula down the rest of your list. For a quick tutorial on this feature, please check out our video Excel Zip Code Finder on Youtube.

    By purchasing our Canadian postal code database, you can also verify postal codes for a mailing list of cities and provinces.

    You can also use the right click function if you are trying to determine a single zip code as shown below:

    Many cities will return multiples zip codes which limits the utility of this function. If you have the exact address, you can use the CDXRouteBing or CDXLocateMP function with MapPoint to return a single postal code.

Q. What is the CDXZipList function and how does it work?

  1. The CDXZipList function allows you to return lists of zip codes for states, counties or cities directly into your Excel spreadsheet. (We also offer a Canadian postal code database so you can use CDXZipList for provinces and cities in Canada.) You simply right click on a spreadsheet cell, select the "Insert CDXZipList Function" and then specify the parameters for your list. Start with the State you are interested in and then select a county or city if you need to narrow your list. CDXZipStream will then create an Excel array formula which display zip codes matching your query along with the city, state and county for the zip code. You can also enter the CDXZipList function manually in your spreadsheet if you wish. For further information on this feature, please see our video Zip Code Lists in Microsoft Excel

Q. What is the CDXRadius function and how does it work?

  1. The CDXRadius function is used to return a list of all zip codes within a specified distance of a central zip code. The results display in your Excel worksheet as a formula array sorted in ascending order by distance. You can optionally display all the results in a single cell if you wish. To use CDXRadius simply right click on a spreadsheet cell, select the "Insert CDXRadius Function" and then specify the center zip code and distance in miles or kilometers. As with our other functions you can also enter this function manually.

    One example of using the CDXRadius feature can be found in our video Find Addresses within a Radius

    By purchasing our Canadian postal code database, you can also use CDXRadius for locations in Canada as well as the US.

Q. What are the CDXLocateBing and CDXLocateMP functions and how do I use then?

  1. CDXLocateBing and CDXLocateMP is a very powerful geocoding function that works with Bing and Microsoft MapPoint. Use them for address validation or to determine latitude, longitude, or a zip code for US or Canadian addresses. You can use it to quickly determine information for large lists of addresses. Options are available to specify a single address or multi-line address as well as direct cell references.

    For a tutorial on CDXLocateMP see the video Address Validation in Excel.

Q. I need to use your zip code distance formula to determine which of my stores is closest to each of my customers. How can I do this without writing a macro?

  1. We developed CDXClosestZip for this very purpose. Simply specify a customer zip code and then the Excel range containing the zip codes for each of your stores. CDXClosestZip can then return the nearest store zip code as well as the distance. You can copy this formula down a long list of customer to determine the closest store for each.

    We also offer a Canadian postal code database so you can use CDXClosestZip for locations in Canada.

    Please see our YouTube video Find Closest Zip Code in Excel for more information.

Q. Can I create a targeted marketing campaign for the highest income zip codes in my area?

  1. You can identify all the zip codes in your county or state using the CDXZipList function or identify Zip Codes in a specified radius around your business using CDXRadius. Both functions will create array forumulas in Excel that will create a list of zip codes meeting your criteria. Position the Excel cell pointer on the first zip code in the returned list and then press the CDXZipStream button in the toolbar. Then select the data items you need and press "Get Data". With this data you can then use the premium version of CDXZipStream to import income or other demographic data.

Q. I need actual driving distance between addresses, not straight line distance. Can you help me?

  1. The CDXRouteBing and CDXRouteMP functions can calculate the actual driving distance and time. You can return data in miles or kilometers and different time periods (hours, minutes, days). A full address can be specified in the format (Address, City, State, Zip) or you can just use a partial address such as a zip code. If MapPoint can't find the address the function will return a message indicating which address can't be resolved. This capability is ideal for a large range of businesses such as delivery services, insurance companies or any situation where trip expenses need to be verified.

    For more information on this please see our video Driving Distance Calculator in Excel on Youtube

Q. I own a delivery business and need to determine the best route for a list of stops in Microsoft Excel. Can CDXZipstream optimize my list?

  1. CDXZipStream can optimize routes right in Microsoft Excel using CDXRouteMP and Mappoint. There is not need to import your list to another application and then export the results back to Excel. Use the CDXRouteMP settings function to configure optimization and also set up your driver profile.

    For more information on this please see our video Route Optimization in Excel on Youtube

Q. The driving distance and zip code functions are great, but I need the actual straight-line distance between 2 street addresses.

  1. The CDXDistance2WP function can calculate the straight line distance between waypoints. You can obtain the actual latitude and longitude for each waypoint by using the CDXLocateBing and CDXLocateMP functions.

Q. What’s the difference between CDXStreamer™ and CDXZipStream™?

  1. CDXZipStream™ is dedicated to the analysis of zip code and other demographic data and contains advanced geocoding functions. CDXZipStream is a single license purchase which includes 1 year of updates. CDXStreamer accesses zip code and other data thru web services, is monthly subscription based, and offers additional web services.

    CDXZipStream is recommended for use in corporate environments where security restrictions do not allow access to web services or where there are other firewall issues. Use CDXStreamer where this isn’t an issue and you need the most accurate data available on a monthly basis. If you just need a quick answer to a small set of data CDXStreamer is also a lower cost alternative. You can simply cancel the subscription after use.

    Since CDXZipStream stores data locally it is a much faster solution if you are doing bulk data requests at one time. It’s also lower cost if you expect to use the product continuously over a long period of time. CDXZipStream also includes Zip Code Distance and Radius calculations that CDXStreamer does not support because of the lack of a local database.

Q. What are the system requirements?

  1. CDXZipStream™ is compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Excel starting with Excel 2000. Please contact us about customizing CDXZipStream™ for other Microsoft Office applications.

Q. Does CDXZipStream require Bing Maps and Microsoft MapPoint?

  1. Bing and Microsoft MapPoint are not required to install CDXZipStream and are not part of the CDXZipStream license. But if you intend to use the functions driving distance calculations or geocoding then you will need to have a Bing Maps key or Mappoint installed on your computer. All other custom functions such as CDXDistance do not need MapPoint. CDXZipStream is compatible with either MapPoint North America or MapPoint Europe, and if you own both you can toggle between them when using CDXZipStream. A free downloadable trial of Microsoft MapPoint is available here.

Q. I have a Zip Code list and don't want to take the time to learn the program. Can you produce a custom report for me?

  1. Yes, we can produce custom reports with any or all demographic items for a list of zip codes. The report can consist of any data items or calculations CDXZipStream can produce. This is also an alternative if you need the data on other operating sytems such as Apple or Linux. Please call 1-877-239-8321 or email for details.

Q. How do I get started with CDXZipStream™?

  1. Download a free 30-day trial of CDXZipStream™ now for instant access to basic Zip Code Data and demos of the premium feeds.

    CDXZipStream Demo

Q. What are the limitations of the demo?

  1. The demo is a 30 day trial of CDXZipStream. It includes the CDXZipCode basic feed that contains data items such as city, state, latitude, longitude, county and region. You also have full access to all custom functions such as the CDXFindZip, CDXZipList and CDXDistance formulas. Example data is also included for all 14 premium demographic feeds. Zip Code data in the demo is usually at least 6 months old, and applies only to U.S. zip codes. The CDXRadius formula is limited to 50 miles in the demo and each formula can only return 1000 results per Excel session.

Q. I'm ready to buy. What do I need to do to purchase CDXZipStream?

  1. Please use our Buy Now order page. Once purchased, be sure to activate your demo and download and install the database upgrade that comes with your purchase.

    You can also download the current basic or premium database using your CDX online account log-in received with your purchase. To access this download, click on the link in the “My Account” section of the explorer bar on the left hand side of the screen. Then click on the the link "Download Data Files" button and select your update. Our database is updated monthly and you get a 1 year subscription to the updates with your purchase.

Q. What do I get when I purchase CDXZipStream™?

  1. You will immediately be able to activate your demo using the "Account" dialog in the CDXZipStream menu as well as update your database with the latest data. A 1 year subscription to updates comes with your purchase of CDXZipStream.

    Additionally, you will receive a log-in to our website that will allow you to manage your subscription .

Q. I'd like to purchase multiple copies of CDXZipStream for my company but don't want to individually register users. Can you provide this type of licensing?

  1. We can supply CDXZipStream installation that are registered to your company name and don't require each user to activate thru our web site. Maintenance plans are also available which include our monthly database updates. Please contact us at for details.

Please contact our technical support department for questions about all versions of CDXZipStream™:

Phone: (973) 895-5542
Website: Technical Support
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"CDXZipStream allowed me to process huge quantities of data very quickly. When I needed a different approach for calculating response times for a proposed fire station, CDX Tech responded within a week and added a new feature that easily did the job."

- Brent Coursin
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"CDX Technologies was able to create a custom template for our project, enabling us to complete the work in a fraction of the time. We now own this template and can utilize it for other projects, which will really help to streamline the process in the future."

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"We need to identify our closest stores to each of the locations our clients supply. We used to do this manually with MapPoint. This could take many hours of repetitive, error prone work. Now with CDXZipStream, we just press a button and get our answer in minutes. This has helped us provide A+ customer service with excellent ROI opportunities."

- Christine Medlin
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