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CDXZipStream™ Overview
Do you need a powerful, easy-to-use, money-saving tool for zip code and route analysis? CDXZipStream™ is a complete solution featuring distance calculations, address geocoding, mapping, and radius reports. You can optionally add advanced demographics including the latest US Census data.

CDXZipStream now works with Bing Maps – Geocode, reverse geocode, calculate driving distance and time, verify addresses, and create location and route maps, all with the most up-to-date, worldwide data from Bing. CDXZipStream is also compatible with desktop software Microsoft MapPoint.

CDXZipStream is a Microsoft Excel add-in that can perform thousands of calculations at a time. It works in Excel 2000 and higher and is available in multiple versions to suit your particular needs. Pricing begins at $69.95 which includes a 1 year subscription to our zip code database. All versions come with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.
CDXZipStream Demo

    CDXZipStream can:
  • Import hundreds of demographic variables into Excel
  • Calculate distances between zip codes
  • Create lists of zip codes within a radius
  • Find zip codes and perform reverse zip code lookup
  • Create zip code lists by city, county, state or Canadian province

  • CDXZipStream can be used with the worldwide Bing Maps web mapping service to:
  • Calculate driving distance and driving time
  • Create route and location maps
  • Perform address verification and geocoding
  • Reverse geocode to get addresses from latitude and longitude

  • CDXZipStream Map Examples

    Or use with Microsoft MapPoint desktop software (for North America and Europe) to:
  • Calculate driving distance, time, and cost
  • Perform route optimization
  • Create location, route, radius, and driving time maps
  • Perform address verification and geocoding
  • Reverse geocode to get addresses from latitude and longitude

CDXZipStream Map Examples

Based in Microsoft Excel, CDXZipStream uses an intuitive, patented interface to quickly provide the answers you need. CDXZipStream™ has received numerous awards including the prestigious "5 Cow" award at

CDXZipStream calculates the Distance between any two zip codes, or finds zip codes within a specified Radius. The software can find and Map zip codes or perform Reverse Zip Code Look-Up. With the CDXZipList function you can instantly create Zip Code Lists by State, County or City. Zip Code databases are available for both the U.S. and Canada. When used with Microsoft MapPoint (North American or European versions), the application can determine actual Driving Distance, Cost and Time with customized driver profiles. Address verification and geocoding to the street address level is available with the CDXLocateMP function. Even reverse geocoding is possible to get an address from latitude and longitude data. CDXZipStream also supports Route Optimization in Excel with the ability to output a trip summary, waypoints, directions and embedded maps. Examples of route, radius, and drive time maps created by CDXZipStream are shown above.

Hundreds of items of demographic data are available including demographics by zip code, census 2010, census 2000 data and optional feeds from the U.S. Census American Community Survey. The software quickly identifies key parameters to focus marketing campaigns or select new business locations based on income or current population trends. To sample our data for a zip code please visit our free demographic data site.  For more information see our online tutorial or latest newsletter

For additional information on CDXZipStream™, check out the articles in our "Close-Up" series:

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Used by business professionals, CDXZipStream™ is a powerful yet easy-to-use add-in technology which operates in Microsoft Excel 2000 and greater. No detailed knowledge of Microsoft Office is required. Simply enter the data items you need (such as zip codes) in a row or column of the spreadsheet. Then position the cell pointer on the first item and start data retrieval by clicking on CDXZipStream™ button on the command bar near the top of the screen. If you have a list of zip codes, you can easily retrieve city, state, county and hundreds of other data items.

There’s no need to modify existing spreadsheet layouts, since CDXZipStream™ places data exactly where you need it with the ability to skip over existing formulas and fields. In addition to bringing in data through the interface, custom formulas can be entered in the spreadsheet to import the data directly. Simply copy and paste to make bulk calculations at one time. You can also right-click on any spreadsheet cell to import data or other CDXZipStream functions as shown in the graphic below. Unlike other products you will not need to remember complex formulas as CDXZipStream will lead you step by step to enter the necessary data.

CDXZipStream Right Click

CDXZipstream helps you make key business decisions based on location or demographics all within the familiar Microsoft Office environment. The premium packages of CDXZipStream™ include demographic data by zip code, state, city, county, CBSA and area code. For additional detail on the data items available please download the files below for formula examples and definitions.
Click here to download a spreadsheet with CDXZipStream™ data examples.

Click here to download a spreadsheet with CDXZipStream™ data feeds and definitions.

CDXZipStream is immediately available in multiple versions to suit your needs with pricing beginning at $69.95. Your online purchase will immediately convert the demo into a fully functional registered product with the features you select. All versions come with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.
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"CDXZipStream allowed me to process huge quantities of data very quickly. When I needed a different approach for calculating response times for a proposed fire station, CDX Tech responded within a week and added a new feature that easily did the job."

- Brent Coursin
Incipi Technology
"CDX Technologies was able to create a custom template for our project, enabling us to complete the work in a fraction of the time. We now own this template and can utilize it for other projects, which will really help to streamline the process in the future."

- Jamie Travis
Account Coordinator
Coyne Public Relations
"We need to identify our closest stores to each of the locations our clients supply. We used to do this manually with MapPoint. This could take many hours of repetitive, error prone work. Now with CDXZipStream, we just press a button and get our answer in minutes. This has helped us provide A+ customer service with excellent ROI opportunities."

- Christine Medlin
National Sales Manager
Encore Marketing